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Creative Clairity

Creative Art Workbook

Creative Art Workbook

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Embark on this journey and unlock your hidden potential using Creative Clairity's Creative Art Workbook. This workbook is designed to help you gain self-awareness, enhance your creativity, and find the best version of yourself.

You will be guided through 10 carefully curated and creative exercises using a variety of artistic mediums. You will then be asked to reflect on each artwork you create throughout this workbook.


Purpose of Workbook:

- Gain Self Awareness and Personal Insights

- Enhance your Creativity

- Have fun with your Inner Child

- Discover the best version of YOU!


Achieve all of this in a safe and fun environment. 


You will need to buy the following tools in preparation for Creative Clairity's Creative Art Workbook (check out my Tik Tok for recommendations):

- any Acrylic Paints 12 pack x 12mL tubes

- any Acrylic Paint White 75mL

- Sketch book; Acrylic, Water Colour or Multi-Mediums

- Journal

- Palette to mix paints

- Variety pack paint brushes

- HB Pencil

- Eraser

- Sharpener


Workbook contents is Black and White. Colour available upon request. 

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